Wednesday, 25 April 2012

First of all let me say, that with regular season ending is very hard to predict who will, as teams are resting or not resting and trying to get themselves into a rhythm. Teams who won’t participate in playoffs have no motivation or just a little to win. Because of those reasons I will not be betting in these last two rounds and I will wait till the playoffs starts.  I will write some tips, but only with short explanations or with none. I can promise you that when the playoffs starts I will try my best to get you some moneyJ. And well I don’t like doing this, but if you will click on some adds here I will be glad. It’s of course completely optional a will not have any effect on functioning of my site. I’m planning from time to time choose someone from my twitter followers and give them a chance to bet with my money. If he will succeed I will send him his winning money. Well that’s all I want to say, if you have some questions or something feel free to comment or contact me on twitter.

Tips for today

Cleveland will win at home against the Wizards. Both teams have nothing to play for, but the Cavaliers seem a little bit stronger even though Washington is not playing that bad lately.

Orlando Magic will win against the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Bulls are coming to Indiana and it’s very hard to say who will win, because I’m not sure how many minutes will the starters of Chicago play, same for the Pacers. But I would pick Indiana they most likely don’t want to lose at home before the playoffs.

I’m expecting very even match in New York where the Knicks will host Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers lost their match yesterday against the Hawks and I think they will do the same in New York today.

The Bucks are out of playoffs while the 76ers are not. Not sure if Philadelphia will rest some of their starters and Milwaukee surely don’t want lose at home at the end of the season. So I think the Bucks will win.

The Nuggets will play at Oklahoma tonight and the Thunder will win.

San Antonio will play in Phoenix and well I really don’t know will manage to win. The Spurs will most likely rest their starters (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili), but the Suns have nothing to play for, as they lose to the Jazz yesterday and are out of playoffs. Maybe the Suns will win or maybe not.

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