Wednesday, 25 April 2012

First of all let me say, that with regular season ending is very hard to predict who will, as teams are resting or not resting and trying to get themselves into a rhythm. Teams who won’t participate in playoffs have no motivation or just a little to win. Because of those reasons I will not be betting in these last two rounds and I will wait till the playoffs starts.  I will write some tips, but only with short explanations or with none. I can promise you that when the playoffs starts I will try my best to get you some moneyJ. And well I don’t like doing this, but if you will click on some adds here I will be glad. It’s of course completely optional a will not have any effect on functioning of my site. I’m planning from time to time choose someone from my twitter followers and give them a chance to bet with my money. If he will succeed I will send him his winning money. Well that’s all I want to say, if you have some questions or something feel free to comment or contact me on twitter.

Tips for today

Cleveland will win at home against the Wizards. Both teams have nothing to play for, but the Cavaliers seem a little bit stronger even though Washington is not playing that bad lately.

Orlando Magic will win against the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Bulls are coming to Indiana and it’s very hard to say who will win, because I’m not sure how many minutes will the starters of Chicago play, same for the Pacers. But I would pick Indiana they most likely don’t want to lose at home before the playoffs.

I’m expecting very even match in New York where the Knicks will host Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers lost their match yesterday against the Hawks and I think they will do the same in New York today.

The Bucks are out of playoffs while the 76ers are not. Not sure if Philadelphia will rest some of their starters and Milwaukee surely don’t want lose at home at the end of the season. So I think the Bucks will win.

The Nuggets will play at Oklahoma tonight and the Thunder will win.

San Antonio will play in Phoenix and well I really don’t know will manage to win. The Spurs will most likely rest their starters (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili), but the Suns have nothing to play for, as they lose to the Jazz yesterday and are out of playoffs. Maybe the Suns will win or maybe not.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tips for today

Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz

Two teams playing for the participating in the playoffs and this match could decide who will have to play in postseason.  The Jazz have a one game lead over the Suns and if they will today they will locked themselves in that 8 seed. And even though Phoenix won their last 5 meetings I think that today if will be a different story.  The Jazz will win, but I don’t want to risk that much and I will bet on scored points. Both teams will score more than 203 points combined.  Both teams are scoring a lot of points and allowing too. I’m telling you this I have a feeling that this game will go to the overtime, but well who would bet on that.

Los Angeles Clippers at Atlanta Hawks

The Clippers need just one win to ensure that they will start the playoffs at home. And I think they will lock that home court advantage tonight in Atlanta. It’s not going to be easy that is for sure, but I think they’ll need it more. And the Hawks will be without Al Horford and Pachulia. I will bet on the Clippers win including overtime.

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics

Miami will play in Boston on Tuesday night and they will without Wade and Bosh (injuries), LeBron James is doubtful he is ready to play, but coach of the Heat cloud rest him and I think he will, because Miami have nothing to play for. There is just a little chance to be first in East, but it depends on the Bull and they will not lose at home against the Cavaliers on Thursday. On the other hand the Celtics will play without Rondo and Allen, but Pierce and Garnett will. The Celtics are still playing for the home court advantage, so I think they’ll win.

My bet

Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz +203points  -odd 1.85

Los Angeles Clippers win (includes OT) -odd 1.98

Boston Celtics win (includes OT) -odd 1.7


6.23 * 5$ = 31.15$ win


Oklahoma will win at home against the Kings.

Not sure how the game in Golden State will turn out, so I won’t be betting on that. 

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Recap of yesterday's games

Charlotte Bobcats at Washington Wizards

Expected win for the Wizzards against the league worst Bobcats. Final score: 73-101

Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers

The Pacers won the game even though they rested some of their starters. Final score: 97-103

Philadelphia 76ers at New Jersey Nets

This was last the game for the Nets in New Jersey, as they are moving to Brooklyn, but without Williams they just can’t win. The Sixers on the other side clinched themselves in the playoffs and can now rest some players. Final score: 105-87

Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks won, but they will not be in the playoffs, because of the Sixers win. Final score: 86-92

Cleveland Cavaliers at Memphis Grizzlies

Another won for the Grizzlies, as they proved once again how strong they are at home. Final score: 101-109

Portland Trailblazers at San Antonio Spurs

Not surprising win for the Spurs last night. Final score: 89-124

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Tips for today

Cleveland Cavaliers at Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have a good end of the season, because they are facing teams with losing records and the Cavaliers are one of them. Adding to that Memphis is really strong at home, so winning against Cleveland won’t be a problem, but the odds on a winner here are so low. So my tip here is to bet that the Grizzlies won’t win with -12.5 handicap. The Grizzlies are not playing their best against worst teams.

Philadelphia 76ers at New Jersey Nets

Last game for the Nets in New Jersey before they’ll move to Brooklyn and they surely didn’t want to be humiliated by the 76ers in their last match in NJ, but if Philadelphia will win, then they’ll be clinched in the playoffs and I think they will, but it’s not my tip again because of the odds. My tip is that the Nets will score more than 89.5 points even without Williams playing.

My bet

Memphis Grizzlies -12.5 lose  -odd 1.94

New Jersey Nets +89.5 -odd 1.85


3.59 * 5$ = 17.95$ win


Well first of all let me say that today the odds are just not worth to bet on winner, so I won’t bother to write something.

Winners in today’s matches: Wizards, Pacers, Bucks, Spurs

I’m sorry that I can’t offer you better tips, but the playoffs are coming so it will be only better. 

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Recap of yesterday's games

Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns

High scoring game in Phoenix yesterday as the Nuggets won the game. Final score: 118-107

Philadelphia 76ers at Indiana Pacers

Well the Pacers are locked in No. 3 seed and kinda lost their motivation here. The 76ers take advantage of that and won. Final score: 109-106

Washington Wizards at Miami Heat

Close match was played yesterday in Miami. The Wizards managed to win the game, but it has to be said that James and Bosh didn't play (resting) and Wade was injured at the start of the game. Final score: 86-84

Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls

With Rose playing the Bulls managed to win against the little tired Mavericks. Final score: 83-93

Portland Trailblazers at Memphis Grizzlies

Not surprising win happened in Memphis last night, as the Grizzlies won the game against struggling Portland. Final score: 89-93

Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets

The Warriors lost their match again, this time in Houston. Final score: 96-99

New Jersey Nets at Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks didn't have that much of a problem beating the Nets and grab must win game. Final score 95-106

Orlando Magic at Utah Jazz

The Magic without Howard lost the match in overtime. Final score: 107-117

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tips for today

Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns

Denver will have a chance to clinch themselves into the playoffs, the Suns are also trying to get to the playoffs and winning in Denver would help them a lot. So it’s pretty hard to say who will win this one, but I will bet on the Nuggets that they’ll score more than 102.5 points in Phoenix tonight, as I believe that it will be a high scoring game and that the Nuggets will win.  The Suns are allowing a lot of points and Denver is scoring a lot of points, so that’s why this is my tip for today.

Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls

The Bull will host the Mavericks on Saturday night and they have to play without Rose again, as he is injured. The Mavericks will most likely be a little bit exhausted, as they play yesterday against the Warriors and Dallas is not the youngest team in the NBA. So I will bet on the Bulls even though they will play without their biggest superstar.

New Jersey Nets at Milwaukee Bucks

For me there is no doubt who will win in this match, but it’s not my betting tip also. I will bet on that the Bucks won’t win with -10.5 points handicap. Milwaukee is giving up a lot of points and even though the Nets will have to play without Williams, they will score and they will win with the Bucks -10.5 points.  

My bet

Denver Nuggets +102.5 -odd 1.85

Chicago Bulls win -odd 1.26

Milwaukee Bucks -10.5 lose -odd 1.80

4.60 * 5$ = 23$ win


Indiana Pacers will host the 76ers from Philadelphia and it should be an interesting one. The Pacers locked themselves in No.3 seed in the Eastern Conference and the 76ers are trying to get to the playoffs. It’s kinda easy to say that the Pacers will win, because of how they play lately. I’m not sure if they now have that much motivation, so I will say that the 76ers will win, but I won’t bet this.

The Heat will win at home against the Wizards, simple as that.

The Trailblazers are coming to Memphis and they are coming to lose here. The Grizzlies are playing great at home and they will continue in that against Portland. The Grizzlies will win.

Houston Rockets will win at home against the Golden State if they want to have a chance to be in playoffs.

The Jazz will play at home against the Magic, which are without Howard. He is out for the rest of the season. Team from Utah is playing for the playoffs and they should defeat the Magic tonight. 

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Recap of yesterday's games

Memphis Grizzlies at Charlotte Bobcats

Not surprising win for the Grizzlies. Final score: 85-80.

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

Boston without Rondo and Allen lose in Atlanta. Johnson had a game high 30 points. Final score: 90-97.

New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers

The Knicks lost their match in Cleveland and that was kinda surprising for me with Stoudemire playing again. Anthony scored only 12 points and that is a big difference from his 30-35 points. Stoudemire steal his shots and scored team-high 15 points. We’ll see how they will work it out. Irving had a game high 21 points. Final score: 90-98

Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks

Dallas won in Golden State, as it wasn’t that hard to do that. Thompson had a game high 26 points, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Mavericks. Final score:  94-104

Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs

Kobe Bryant makes his comeback against the Spurs, but he wasn’t the one who celebrate at the end of the match. The Spurs outscored the Lakers in second half 45-65 and that decided who will win. Bryant had a team high 18 points, but Ginobili, Parker and Duncan combined 61 points. Final score: 97-121.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings

The Thunder lead all game and won 103-92. Durant had a game high 29 points with 10 rebounds and 7 assists. Westbrook scored 18. 

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